Modernising Tourism

Eco-friendly tourism: The climate is changing and so are we

Far from being restricted by recent changes in the climate, the Chamonix Mont-Blanc Valley started innovating early on, promoting the emergence and development of tourism that respects the environment.

Eco-friendly tourism that is considerate towards nature requires the involvement of all local players. So to help professionals in their transition towards sustainability, the Communauté de Communes set up a digital resource centre providing answers to their questions, as well as organising “Climate Clubs”, where they can find support for practical, environmentally responsible solutions.
The range of products on offer to visitors has also been extended to include low or even no-impact solutions that enhance the existing heritage. A good example of this is theITINERIOapplication that can be downloaded onto a smart phone or tablet, offering an interactive exploration of the Chamonix Valley! Itinério promotes our local area with an incredible variety of content, combining reference texts, interviews with specialists, sounds and illustrations, photos and videos, plans and maps, animation and games, enhanced reality and 3-D images.
All this provides an entrance ticket into the open-air museum of the Valley, made even more accessible by the synergy of its local transport.
Hikers can now enjoy stepping out onto a resolutely modern mountain!

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Tastes and Flavours of Mont-Blanc

As the diversity of Chamonix heritage can also be found in its food, the Communauté de Commune representatives created the Goûts & Saveurs du Mont-Blanc association in 2012,

aimed at celebrating the local terroir and promoting use of short circuits. Indeed, direct distribution or distribution with the fewest intermediaries between producers and consumers is an essential part of sustainable development that also stimulates and structures the entire food sector. To this end, the association furthers education in taste and the promotion of products, in particular via its workshops and annual cooking competition. Take your palette to new heights!