Take part in this historic change

Together, we can make the Chamonix Mont-Blanc Valley a pilot area. Eco-responsibility begins with everyday considerations. Here are some examples that can be easily adopted.

Use public transport wherever possible: The Communauté de Communes issues a Carte d’Hôte pass that entitles you to free transport from Servoz to Vallorcine. You can also rent electric bikes from tourist offices to explore the Valley from a different angle.

Sort your waste: We also sort our waste in the Chamonix Mont-Blanc Valley. The yellow bins are for recyclable paper, cardboard, food cartons, tins and plastic bottles (but not plastic packaging). The green bins are for glass and the black bins for all other waste. In addition, the Communauté de Communes runs two waste collection sites (Bocher and Le Closy) and partially buried containers known as moloks are provided for the selective collection that is essential for recovering waste (controlled destruction, recycling). Adopt energy-saving measures!

Choose local produce: Wherever possible, buy directly from local producers (Espace Mont Blanc) or from intermediaries with a direct link to these producers. This helps cut down on waste and transport, whilst supporting local production on an economic level. Short circuits are good both for your pocket and for the mountains!

Plan changes in your home: Homes and tourist accommodation are responsible for a significant proportion of total energy consumption. Updating heating installations and insulation can save you money, as well as supporting sustainable development in the Valley. The Communauté de Communes is on hand to provide advice for your projects and can offer investment subsidies under the Atmosphere Protection Plan. Ask for details today!