The Valley in action

PCET: A plan for the future

Under its own initiative, the Chamonix Mont-Blanc Valley Communauté de Communes adopted this approach for adapting the territory to climate change, even though this had never previously been undertaken in a mountain environment, thus  proving its determination to take action in this area.

In practical terms, the Valley’s Territorial Energy Climate Project (PCET) brings together and coordinates all decisions and policies with a twofold objective, namely lowering greenhouse gas emissions and adapting the territory to climate change.
The quantitative objectives of the PCET were confirmed in 2010 with the signing by local Mayors of the 3 x 20 agreement:

  • reducing energy consumption by 20%
  • reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20%
  • increasing the proportion of renewable energy by 20%

The Communauté de Communes stands out for offering residents and visitors with the Carte d’Hôte pass free rides on all bus and train lines. In addition, transport is available on demand for those living in the most isolated areas to limit individual journeys that have the greatest impact on the environment. And to ensure intermodality, a variety of services are available to complete your initial journey, ranging from walking buses to the provision of electric bikes. Go, it’s green!

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The Green Snowflake label: setting an example

In recognition of its commitments and pioneering local policies, the Chamonix Mont-Blanc Valley has beenawarded the Green Snowflake label.

Created in 2011 to support responsible tourism, this independent label guarantees the sustainable commitments of tourist destinations in the mountains. A committee of over 70 bodies, including the Nicolas Hulot foundation, the ADEME environmental agency and elected representatives from the PACA and Rhône-Alpes Regions, decide which local authorities have set an example with respect to 31 sustainability criteria.
In 2013, only three resorts were awarded this label, with the Chamonix Mont-Blanc Valley being the only one in the French Alps. Chamonix, leading the climb!

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