Itinerio is a downloadable app for smartphones and tablets, giving you an interactive and original view of the Chamonix valley and its geoguided trails!

Itinério, an application that can be downloaded onto smart phones and tablets, offers you a chance to interactively explore the Chamonix valley in a highly original way – roaming on GPS-guided routes!

Itinério is a unique cultural database of the geography and history of our valley, covering a number of themes such as Mankind and the Mont Blanc; water in all its forms; agro-pastoralism and forests, plant life, wildlife and biodiversity; geology, stones and crystals.

Itinério promotes our local area with an incredible variety of content, combining reference texts, interviews with specialists, sounds and illustrations, photos and videos, plans and maps, entertainment and games, enhanced reality and 3-D images.

The application also includes details of socio-economic players in the Valley (food & drink, nature and heritage facilities, local produce, entertainment, etc.).

Itinerio is the most extensive interactive, natural environment project currently being rolled out in France.


Itinerio is your must-have guide to Chamonix; at home or in the valley.

Itinério is your precious companion for exploring Chamonix, both from home and once you’ve arrived.

In Chamonix, Itinerio takes you along GPS-guided routes to explore a living landscape, rich in natural and cultural resources.

- 6 hikes starting from the various villages that make up the Chamonix valley: Servoz, Les Houches (Les Chavants), Chamonix (Centre and Les Praz), Argentière (Balme/Le Tour), Vallorcine. Many points of interest (POI) are geo-tracked on these hikes and a number of places, other than these routes, are covered by Itinerio.

- 2 routes on the Mont Blanc Express train ride: Servoz-Vallorcine (outbound and return).

- 3 relay centres are hosting exhibitions and lectures in partnership with Itinerio.
“Major changes in agriculture and landscape” at the Maison de l’Alpage – Servoz
“A valley, trades and men” at the Musée Montagnard – Les Houches
“Biodiversity in high mountain areas: amazing adaptation!” in the Maison de Village – Argentière

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Our ambition is to make you reflect on your impact on nature via this novel virtual tour of the Chamonix valley.

What’s the idea? It’s to stir the emotions of visitors and encourage them to think about their relationship with nature, by proposing a smart exploration of the Chamonix Valley.

The aim of Itinério is to provide a means of interpretation for those curious about Chamonix, for them to be able to understand the influence of the mountain landscape that is magnificent, but also constraining for human activity in the Valley. It also helps them to assess the influence of mankind on this fragile environment.

The shrinking glaciers, the ingenuity of people farming the slopes, the wealth of plants and wildlife, forest management, the future of animal farming are just some of the subjects covered.

Over 50 local players, all specialised in their area (scientists, heritage guides, craftsmen and women, artists, companies, associations and local authorities), are the Itinério creators and contributors that all tell the incredible history of their valley!

Itinério has been developed under the Vallée Ecotouristique Exemplaire programme, financed by the EU and the Rhône Alpes Region. It is in partnership with the Chamonix Valley Territorial Energy Climate Project.


Itinerio is a free app for download onto your smartphone or tablet. Tablets can also be hired from any of the tourist offices in the valley.

To use Itinério:

- FREE application download (whole or part) into your Smartphone or tablet, from this website. Itinerio is available for all download platforms (Appstore, Google Play.)

- Free provision of tablets in all Chamonix-Mont-Blanc Valley Tourist Offices.
A €100 deposit is required.

Once you have the application, it’s your turn !
Start one of the hikes and follow the signs. When you get near a point of interest, the tablet vibrates and emits a sound. You then decide when you want to display the content. You will then discover information, animation and games. You can even play an active role in the system, by taking part in a scientific study !

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